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Founded in 1996, Our factory has been headquartered in Nanhai District for more than 20 years. Centralized in R&D, production, sales and service, it has been a high-tech and comprehensive enterprise which is integrated in environmental protection and ventilation equipment in the field of industrial fans.

The factory covers 115,000 square meters while standard workshops covers 100,000 square meters with more than 1000 staff. Many of its products have successively passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certifications. CCC.CE, SASO.QS, fire safety certification. And we have acquired 10 invention or utility model patents at home and abroad. We also specializes in Misting Fan, Ventilation Fan, and Fresh Air system production. Nowadays, all ours high quality products have been exporting more than 70 countries and regions around the world and have won a lot of customer's heart in domestic and oversea.


Industrial ventilation fan

Professional Products:

1. We offer a range of professional products, including centrifugal fans, axial fans, duct fans, fan impellers, and mist fans.

2. We accommodate non-standard units and small orders.

3. Our accessories include forward impellers, backward impellers, axial impellers, and atomizers.

4. We specialize in ventilation and cooling solutions for industrial and commercial buildings.


Professional Manufacturing:

1. Our team of experienced engineers and R&D professionals supports product technology and development.

2. We have advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment, including laser cutting, CNC, dynamic balance, and product testing center.

3. Every product undergoes thorough inspection before delivery.


Professional Service:

1. Our products are exported to over 50 countries.

2. We prioritize on-time delivery.

3. All product have 3 years warranty.

4. Our experienced customer service team excels in communication, answering questions, and resolving issues.

Industrial ventilation fan



Ventilation System Design Service
Ventilation System Design Service

Ventilation system design service is fast becoming a valuable resource for our customers.

The ventilation fan design service follows a systematic process to ensure the creation of an effective and efficient fan system tailored to the specific requirements of the client. Here is an overview of the steps involved in the ventilation fan design process:


1. Requirement Analysis: The design process begins with a thorough analysis of the client's ventilation needs and requirements. This includes understanding the application, space dimensions, airflow rates, pressure requirements, environmental factors, and any specific constraints or challenges.


2. System Assessment: The ventilation system in which the fan will be installed is evaluated. Factors such as existing ductwork, airflow pathways, and potential bottlenecks are assessed to determine the most suitable fan configuration and placement.


3. Design Conceptualization: Based on the requirements and assessment, a design concept is developed. This involves selecting the appropriate fan type (such as axial or centrifugal), determining the fan size, and considering factors like noise control, energy efficiency, and maintenance requirements.


4. Fan Selection: The design team identifies potential fan models from reputable manufacturers that align with the project specifications. Factors considered during the selection process include fan performance curves, efficiency ratings, durability, and compatibility with the desired control systems.


5. Performance Modeling: Using computer-aided design (CAD) software or specialized fan selection tools, the design team models the performance characteristics of the selected fan options. This allows for accurate predictions of airflow patterns, pressure drops, and other critical parameters within the ventilation system.


6. Detailed Engineering: Once a specific fan model is chosen, detailed engineering is conducted. This involves creating comprehensive drawings and specifications that outline the fan's dimensions, materials, electrical requirements, and any necessary mounting or structural considerations.


7. Prototyping and Testing: In some cases, a prototype of the fan system may be constructed for testing and validation purposes. This ensures that the fan performs as intended and meets the specified requirements for airflow, noise levels, and efficiency.


8. Manufacturing and Installation: After the design and testing phases are complete, the approved fan design moves into the manufacturing stage. The fan components are fabricated, assembled, and quality-tested before being prepared for installation. The installation process may involve working closely with contractors, engineers, or on-site technicians to ensure proper integration into the ventilation system.


9. Performance Monitoring: Once the fan system is operational, ongoing performance monitoring and maintenance are essential. Regular inspections, data collection, and adjustments help optimize fan performance, ensure long-term reliability, and identify any potential issues that may arise.


Throughout the ventilation fan design process. This ensures that the final fan system meets the client's requirements, operates efficiently, and contributes to a well-ventilated and comfortable environment.

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Our team of technical engineers are experts in their field so your enquiry will always be handled by an experienced person who understands your application. Our business is split into two specialist departments.

Industrial Fan Applications
  • Ventilation and Air CirculationVentilation and air circulation are crucial aspects of maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment in various settings, including industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. Here's a deeper look at these concepts:   Ventilation: Ventilation refers to the process of exchanging i...
  • HVAC SystemsHVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems rely heavily on fans to provide efficient air movement and temperature regulation in buildings and industrial spaces. Fans play a crucial role in various components of HVAC systems, contributing to both ventilation and air circulation. Here's...
  • Dust and Fume ExtractionIndustrial fans are critical components in dust and fume extraction systems, aiding in the efficient removal of airborne contaminants and ensuring a safe working environment. These fans are specifically designed to handle the high airflow rates required for industrial applications. Here's how indust...
  • Drying and DehumidificationIndustrial fans are widely used in the processes of drying and dehumidification in various industries. These fans play a vital role in facilitating efficient moisture removal and accelerating the drying process. Here's how industrial fans are applied in drying and dehumidification applications: &nbs...
  • Mining and Tunnel VentilationIndustrial fans play a critical role in mining and tunnel ventilation to ensure the safety and well-being of workers in underground environments. These fans are designed to move large volumes of air efficiently, providing ventilation, controlling air quality, and maintaining suitable environmental c...
OEM Fan Applications
  • Material HandlingOEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) industrial fans are customized to meet the specific requirements of material handling equipment and systems. These fans are designed and integrated into various material handling machinery to facilitate the movement, transfer, and processing of bulk materials. H...
  • Spray Booths and Paint BoothsIndustrial fans play a crucial role in spray booths and paint booths, which are specialized environments designed for painting, coating, and finishing applications. These fans are essential for creating proper airflow, ventilation, and containment of airborne particles, ensuring a safe and efficient...
  • Air Pollution ControlIndustrial fans play a critical role in air pollution control systems, helping to mitigate the impact of airborne pollutants and maintain clean air in various industrial processes. These fans are used to create airflow, facilitate the movement of contaminated air through pollution control devices, a...
  • Agricultural  Industrial fans have numerous applications in the agricultural sector, where they are used to enhance various processes, improve productivity, and ensure optimal conditions for crops and livestock. These fans are tailored to the specific needs of the agricultural environment and play a vital...
  • CleanroomsIndustrial fans are integral components in cleanroom environments, which are controlled environments used in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and aerospace. Cleanrooms require stringent control over airborne particles, temperature, humidity, and other e...
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