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Material Handling

Jun 26, 2023

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) industrial fans are customized to meet the specific requirements of material handling equipment and systems. These fans are designed and integrated into various material handling machinery to facilitate the movement, transfer, and processing of bulk materials. Here are some common OEM industrial fan applications in material handling:


Pneumatic Conveying Systems:

OEM industrial fans are used in pneumatic conveying systems to create the necessary airflow for transporting bulk materials through pipelines or ducts. These fans provide the air velocity needed to propel materials such as powders, grains, and granules from one point to another. Pneumatic conveying systems are utilized in industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and mining.


Dust Collection and Material Recovery:

OEM fans are integrated into dust collection systems that are part of material handling equipment. These fans create the suction required to capture airborne particles, dust, and contaminants generated during material handling processes. Dust collection helps maintain air quality, reduce pollution, and ensure the safety of workers.


Grain Handling Equipment:

In agricultural applications, OEM industrial fans are used in grain handling equipment, such as grain elevators, conveyors, and silos. These fans assist in the aeration, drying, and cooling of stored grains, preventing spoilage and maintaining optimal conditions.


Conveyor Systems:

OEM fans are integrated into conveyor systems to provide air for material movement, cooling, and drying. They ensure consistent material flow and prevent blockages in conveyors handling bulk materials.


Mixers and Blenders:

Industrial fans are used in mixing and blending equipment to ensure uniform mixing of bulk materials. The fans create airflow that aids in the blending process and prevents material segregation.


Material Screening and Sorting:

OEM industrial fans are utilized in material handling systems that involve screening, sorting, and separating bulk materials based on size, shape, or other characteristics. These fans assist in creating the necessary air currents for effective separation.


Hoppers and Bins:

Industrial fans are integrated into hoppers and bins to facilitate the controlled discharge of bulk materials. The fans create airflow that helps prevent material clogging and ensures a consistent flow.


Bagging and Packaging:

In bagging and packaging equipment, OEM fans are used to assist in the filling and sealing of bags containing bulk materials. The fans help maintain material flow and ensure accurate packaging.


Recycling Equipment:

OEM fans are employed in material handling systems within recycling equipment, such as shredders and sorting machines. They assist in the movement and separation of recyclable materials.


Benefits of OEM Industrial Fans in Material Handling:


Customization: OEM fans are tailored to the specific requirements of material handling equipment, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


Seamless Integration: OEM fans are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing material handling systems, enhancing overall functionality.


Process Optimization: Industrial fans help optimize material handling processes by ensuring consistent material flow, preventing blockages, and maintaining quality.


Energy Efficiency: Well-designed material handling systems with OEM fans can improve energy efficiency and reduce operational costs.


OEM industrial fans play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency, safety, and productivity of material handling equipment and systems across various industries.

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