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Dust and Fume Extraction

Jun 26, 2023

Industrial fans are critical components in dust and fume extraction systems, aiding in the efficient removal of airborne contaminants and ensuring a safe working environment. These fans are specifically designed to handle the high airflow rates required for industrial applications. Here's how industrial fans are applied in dust and fume extraction:


Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems:

Industrial fans are used in Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems to capture and remove dust and fumes at their source of generation. The fans are installed in conjunction with capture hoods or arms placed near the point of dust and fume production, such as at grinding, cutting, or welding stations. The fans create a negative pressure in the capture hood, drawing the airborne contaminants into the extraction system.


Transport Ducts:

Industrial fans are employed in the transport ducts that connect the capture hoods to the central dust and fume extraction system. These fans ensure that the captured contaminants are effectively transported through the ductwork to the central filtration unit. They overcome resistance in the ducts and maintain the required airflow rate to keep the contaminants moving towards the dust collector.


Dust and Fume Collectors:

Dust and fume collectors are central units where the captured dust and fumes are separated from the air. Industrial fans in these collectors create the necessary negative pressure or suction, pulling the dusty or fume-laden air through the filtration media. The dust and fume collectors can include different types of filters, such as bag filters, cartridge filters, or other specialized media to effectively remove particles and fumes.


Exhaust Fans:

Exhaust fans are responsible for expelling the clean air from the dust and fume collectors either back into the workspace (if recirculating) or to the outside environment. These fans maintain proper airflow within the extraction system, ensuring that clean air is properly released or recirculated after filtration.


Benefits of Industrial Fans in Dust and Fume Extraction:


Efficient Contaminant Capture: Industrial fans create a negative pressure that draws dust and fumes from their sources, ensuring efficient and immediate capture of contaminants at the point of generation.


Improved Air Quality: By efficiently removing dust and fumes from the air, industrial fans help improve indoor air quality, protecting the health and safety of workers and reducing the risk of respiratory problems.


Compliance with Regulations: Properly designed dust and fume extraction systems with appropriately sized industrial fans help industries meet regulatory standards for occupational health and safety.


Safer Working Environment: Dust and fume extraction systems with industrial fans minimize the risk of exposure to hazardous airborne particles and fumes, creating a safer working environment for employees.


Overall, industrial fans are crucial components in dust and fume extraction systems, playing a significant role in capturing and removing airborne contaminants to maintain a healthy and safe industrial environment.

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